Strange Blurry Sprites

I have a fairly large sprite sheet in a project I’m working on, but for some reason a few parts of the image (not the entire image and not each individual sliced sprite) are very blurry, even with the proper filter settings (Point). I have tried the following:

  • Changing any of the other sprite
    settings in the inspector, including “compressed” and “truecolor,” the same
    spots remain blurry and nothing else
    seems to change.
  • Changing the scale of the sprite in
    the scene does not seem to do much.
  • I have tried to reimport the image
    through right-clicking, but to no
  • I deleted the image from the project
    and imported an identical copy
    (making sure that it is unique, as it
    was not sliced). The same spots were
  • “Generate Mip Maps” is disabled.

Note that in any other image editor, no blurs are present, and I have already confirmed that transparency is not the issue. When cycling through each sprite, I found that there seems to be a pattern in which the sprites gradually become blurry and clear, which may point to something if somebody knows anything related to this.

I would really appreciate some help with this, as it’s nothing that I can let slide.

If you would like screenshots, I’d be happy to post them

Which compression mode did you set for the texture?
Try setting True Color or 16bit. “Compressed” will most likely not deliver good quality for your sprites - it uses lossy compression.