Strange bug with Unity's dropdown, best way to fix this?

So, I’m having a very strange bug with Unity’s builtin dropdown. Basically, if I open the dropdown, sometimes it will close, and then wherever I click afterwards, it will reopen and reclose. So far, I’ve noticed that I can get a 100% reproduction rate on this behaviour if I close the dropdown by clicking on it after its open. Then, the dropdown will open and close until I either turn off Interactable in the dropdown script, until I turn off the drop down’s raycast target, or until I right click anywhere on the screen (this isn’t possible on touch screen, however).

Now, I think this might be solvable if I added a script to the blocker that would turn the interactable property on and off on click, essentially making the list reset, however, I have absolutely no access to the blocker template, so I cannot do that. What I noticed seems to work is turning Dropdown’s Interactable off and on on click (add event trigger to the Dropdown), but I realize this is quite a hack.

To explain better what is happening, I made a GIF - firstly you are shown the bug as I click outside the dropdown item yet it opens and closes, and then I click on it again, but close it by clicking outside of the dropdown, where it doesn’t reappear. Also, I guess my GIF recorder screwed up the graphics so after closing the dropdown the last time the image of it remains - this is not actually real, so disregard that.

The GIF is here: alt text

I know this is a somewhat old post, but i’ll add my solution. In my case the problem was caused by setting “mouse 0” instead of “mouse 1” in the “Submit” button settings. After reverting it to “mouse 1” the dropdown menus started working perfectly. Hope this helps anyone who encounters this problem in the future.,