Strange camera/pixel stretching bug around edges of player - Since upgrading to 5.3

Hi everyone,

Is anyone else getting a strange pixel stretching effect around the edges of the player, similar to the image below?

I have no clue what is causing it, this didn’t happen in the previous version. Does anyone happen to know how to fix this problem? (obviously, the image above was mocked-up in Photoshop, but it shows exactly the issue I am facing).

Thank you in advance!

I’ve noticed that the size of the stretching area is equivalent to the amount of border area between the rendered area, and the border of the view window.

Further, in free-aspect mode, the issue is SO exaggerated it’s completely unplayable.

I’m also having this issue.
I resolved it by unchecking “auto graphic API MAC” and putting OpenGL2 to the top (in Build Settings > PlayerSettings)

I am also having this problem. That’s a nice workaround for use in the editor, but for me it also happens when I export a player.
I’ve also noticed that this only happens when I start adding Image Effects to my main camera. Do you have effects on your camera?