Strange clicking sound for first plays of audio


I have a lot of audio in my game that plays when the user interacts with things, such as picking up items. However, if the audio is not set to play on awake, I get a strange clicking sound and the audio doesn't play properly. This happens the first time I pick something up, the first time I shoot my gun, the first footstep, etc. Basically any audio that is played as a reaction of an input. What's weird is after the first time it seems to be fine, and also if I have play on awake on it works. However I don't want all the sounds to play on awake obviously.

Is this a normal glitch, and is there a way around it? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong and obviously I can't put all of my code up for everything but I can maybe put some up if you think it might help.


If it doesn't detract too much from your game, add a second or two of silence at the start of your sound clip. Worked for me, and got rid of a clicking when the sound first plays.

I am guessing this is an internal init of the sound channel. It may be worth setting the volume to 0 on awake and then playing it once silently to alleviate the problem.