Strange Color when importing fbx from blender

I created an object in blender. Then, I export it as .fbx. When I import it to my unity, the object has a strange gray color on it. How to solve that?
Thanks in advance

This is the picture!!!

Simply put, you need to assign a material in either Blender or Unity.

Ideally you would texture map your model in the source package (in this case Blender) assigning a texture material and some mapping to the model (look online for Blender mapping tutorials)

When you import the FBX it will create a material in Unity. If it has not imported a texture (e.g. it is still gray) make sure your textures are assigned from a folder called textures within your project, or assign a texture from your project to the imported material:

You can also assign existing materials to your model in Unity by dragging the material onto the material component of your model in the Inspector.

Further info on exporting an FBX can be found here:

It sounds like the Normals from your .fbx are messed-up.

You can recalculate or correct them by hand under the Normals & Tangents tab in your Mesh