Strange effect when following player with camera

i use this code to make the camera follow the player smoothly.
public class SmoothCamera2D : MonoBehaviour
public float FollowSpeed = 5f;
public Transform Target;

    private void Update()
        Vector3 newPosition = Target.position;
        newPosition.z = -10;
        transform.position = Vector3.Slerp(transform.position, newPosition, FollowSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

however, when moving my player, i get a strange effect on my character where there appears to be 3 of them. this effect is magnified the faster i move. however, this effect only seems to be visible on a 144hz monitor. I’ve attached a 60fps video below where the player just looks like it’s jittering.

does anyone know how to fix this, or why it may be happening? thanks in advance!

Is there a reason why you use slerp()?
It will increase speed at beginning and end.
Better to Lerp()