Strange Error in console....

Hey guys,

I have started getting this error in the console and i have no idea what it is…:

Actor::updateMassFromShapes: Compute mesh inertia tensor failed for one of the actor’s mesh shapes! Please change mesh geometry or supply a tensor manually!

Can someone please tell me what this means and how I can fix it…?



This is a warning from PhysX. It’s trying to compute the inertia tensor (moment of inertia) for you. This encodes how your mesh responds to rotation, it’s like a rotation equivalent to mass. The calculation of the inertia tensor can fail if the mesh is malformed, perhaps has zero volume (maybe because it’s been scaled down to a single point), or perhaps self-penetrates.

It sounds like one of your meshes may be malformed or may have encoded features that Unity doesn’t support. Make sure that all of your meshes behave correctly.