Strange physics behaviour with spring joints and side walls.


I have a strange behaviour with my spring joint and physic scene. In my scene there is a spring which is forced downwards by two creates. Works good, but if the creates touch the wall (end of level with collider with no friction physic material) then some of the force of the crates seem to be transmitted into the wall, as the spring will move upwards.

I attached an image to show whats the problem is:


Has anyone a hint what there is happening in the background of the physic engine and how I could remove this? It's simply weired to see the spring on two different heights with both times equal weight on it.

Thx for help!

Try adjusting your PhysicsManager

i would try to make the Solver Iteration Count at least to 2.

I found that if the count was at value of 1 objects would sink into each other almost like a quicksand type effect. :slight_smile: