Strange physics on RigidBody when Collider enabled (locked axis)

Hi there !
I’m moving a spaceship by applying forces on the attached RigidBody, it was working pretty well until I enabled a collider on the gameobject…
When the collider is enabled, the objects seems to be “locked” on it’s Z axis (movement + rotation)
This happens with any type of collider attached (Sphere, Box, Capsule) so it has nothing to do with the mesh…

I posted a video:

I couldn’t find any information on a similar bug anywhere…

Hey there @vchalnot , Seems a strange one i haven’t seen before. I wouldn’t say i would know whats wrong with that however have you tried changing the collision detection in the inspector on the rigid body from continuous dynamic to discrete or even continuous. That would be the first thing i would look at with relating an issue with a collider and a rigid body

I found the answer !
I was progammatically changing the center of mass of the RigidBody at runtime (just once at start) to prevent it from beeing automatically computed. That was causing this strange behavior !

@coloniesend, thanks a lot anyway, I was feeling quite alone on this one :stuck_out_tongue: