Strange problem when importing 3D model with multiple materials

I created a simple cube in 3ds Max and I’ve created two material IDs and I’ve assigned different materials for each ID:

When I import my model into Unity, I apply two materials to the cubes but I’m seeing a strange behavior. The material that gets applied to the cube faces is only applied properly to the top and bottom face of the cube. On the side faces of the cube, the material seems to be stretched:


Does anyone know why my texture is stretched on the side faces but looks ok on the top and bottom faces of my cube?


You will need to create a proper uv map for the mesh inside of 3ds Max so that unity can know how to place the texture on the mesh.

Model need to be unwrapped properly with UV channels, So Unity can understand the proper UV faces and can assign appropriate textures to it!

Yes, try unwrapping your model instead of assigning material IDs.

Cheers !