Strange problem with cloth

I have a weird issue with the cloth system in unity. I’ve used iteractive cloth to make a rope system. I have the cloth attached to a collider on the top and a rigidbody on the bottpm. So it looks like the rigidbody is hanging from the cloth. Everything works fine as long as i look at it. As soon as i move the camera away from the cloth it starts behaving weird and bouncing all over the place.

Any ideas why? Everything works ok when it’s visible but breaks when moving the camera away from it.

Hey. I found solution. Oops I am 9 minutes late. But Here are the details.
Add a orthographic camera.Clear flags-> Dont clear.
In culling masks- Add layer of ur Objects(ur rope,rigidbodies). (I am guessing u all know how to make layers ofcourse)
Now set the camera such that all ur objects(rope and objects related to it are visible)
Next step ->simply increase size of camera to lets say 2000. So that u dont have 2 camera views in scene.
And you are done. Cheers!!

Well I found a workaround for it. Add a new camera that renders only the cloth and point at the cloth permanently.