Strange Sprite Behaviour

I’m trying to make a plant with an effect similar to what Minecraft’s flowers do, but it keeps doing this weird thing where the sprite is either completely obscured or not obscured at all. The image should explain everything. I really want to make it stop doing this, because it looks awful when leaves are visible through things that are supposed to be covering them. What should I do?


Are you using SpriteRenderer components? SpriteRenderers are meant to be used for 2D. The sprites are rendered in a specific order, and don’t take the distance from camera into account. Instead of using Sprites, you could create a new Quad primitive object (a 3D plane), create a new Material and set its albedo to your plant texture, and assign the Material to be the main material of the Quad’s MeshRenderer component. You may need to duplicate the Quad object and rotate it 180 degrees to be able to see the other side.