Strange unity color bug

I just got a hold of the free version of the A* pathfinding project, and unity is giving me 9 errors saying that the Color constructor doesn’t take 4 arguments. Has something changed recently, last I checked color took arguments for red, green, blue, and alpha.

You left out a crucial piece of information: the type are the arguments you are trying to provide. Had you posted the error message in its entirety I would have been sure…

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here: You’re trying to provide ints or doubles to the Color constructor, while it only accepts floats. Remember that floats take the f at the end (1f, 0.5f) in C#.

The components of Color need to be in the inclusive range [0,1].

I just wanted to post that the using UnityEngine.Color is what works for me as well; I do think there’s some namespace conflict between unity and mono as of the updates that came recently

private static UnityEngine.Color white = new UnityEngine.Color(1, 1, 1, 1);

Works fine.

NON-Working example that used to work:

private static Color = Color.white;