strange Xbox Controller problem

Got a weird one that’s baffled me. I’ve using an Xbox 360 wired pad for my game, everything has been working fine with it but I’ve just come across a problem that I can’t see what the problem is.

I recently changed my ‘throttle’ axis to the back triggers, set it up in the input manager as the 3rd axis, works absolutely fine whilst running it in the editor but it doesn’t work in a standalone build, the 3rd axis doesn’t have any response?

If when booting up the standalone build I change the input in the input settings window that pops up before it starts, whatever I change it to works fine, it accepts any of axis on the right analogue stick. Obviously I can’t set it to the back trigger axis (3rd axis) from there because it treats it as axis 9 or axis 10.

Confused…anyone come across this before?

closing, I just added a “RollLeft” and a “RollRight” to input manager and a couple of lines of code so it would use both the 3rd axis and also the 9th and 10th axis depending on what was being used.

hacky Mchack

thanks for the help Gruffy saved me googling for the next week :slight_smile: