Stratum (layered) terrain generation

Hi all,
I’ve played “running with rifles” which gave me some ideas for a game of my own. One thing I really loved about it was that they display isolines on the terrain, which is both a great use of the military theme, and a strong visual feedback about terrain slopes.

Now I’d like to do something similar for one of my games, but instead of using isolines, I’d like to generate my terrain (based on a heightmap) by stratum.

a little bit like this: alt text

I’m hoping that perhaps I’m not the first person in the world who wanted to do this, and maybe there’s an asset or perhaps a general guideline to do this. But my searches didn’t get me anywhere so there :wink:

I think the standard terrain that comes with Unity won’t work for that kind of style, but generating your own terrain mesh is not that hard, take a look at the API for the Mesh class for a simple example on how to generate a mesh on the fly furing runtime. Add Perlin noise implementation and you will have your own isoline terrain in less than a day :slight_smile:

As mentioned in the comments by @nymisu, you can’t get truly vertical edges in terrain, but they can be pretty steep.

You may want to draw out the terrain you want in an image and import it as a height map: