Stray tilemap collider being weird, won't erase

I have a tilemap with a Tilemap collider 2D and Composite collider 2D, which seems to be working fine except I have one rounded corner tile that isn’t generated as a rounded bit, like so:

alt text

which I thought might be an issue with my tileset, but if I remove all of my tiles the corner bit annoyingly remains, like so:

alt text

I have tried setting the generation type to Manual and regenerating it. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? How do I fix it?

For future readers, I was able to fix this (ghost colliders hanging around and not updating after changing the physics shape) by going to the Tilemap object in the grid that used to contain the tiles I deleted and toggling the Tilemap Collider on and off. This also updated all physics outlines I had manually changed.

Check that tile’s physics shape in its sprite settings. That may be the issue

It may have been pasted in with a different Z coordinate.

Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t actually had any issues since I erased and rebuilt my level. Z coords and physics shape all seem fine.