Stream Audio from a URL?

Now that GetAudioClip is obsolete in 5.6, how can I play music in my game from an external URL?

There’s this…

…but no examples of how to use it in script (C#)

I’m guessing this is some sort of WWW thing, but documentation is pretty much non-existent for 5.6

And please don’t say “Asset Bundles”, I’ve just killed 48 hours working on that


I discovered this thread while looking for a way to stream audio from the web into a Unity app - I’m not sure if you’re still working on this?

As I understand it, the WWW classes are deprecated. Any new code should be written using the UnityWebRequest API. Here are the docs for downloading an Audio Clip Networking.UnityWebRequest.GetAudioClip.

However I have yet to discover how to stream (rather than just download) an audio clip.

Hope that helps!

I had the same question and I answered it here, the key is the progress at .01 (1%), time to wait until it starts streaming adjust it to .1 or higher for better results.

I have used below plugins for streaming audios on iOS and Android and they work out of the box. Developer is also very helpful. Provided support when ever was required.

Android : Audio Stream in Android | Integration | Unity Asset Store

iOS : Audio Stream in iOS | Audio | Unity Asset Store