Streamed stereo music will play in mono


I have a problem with stereo sound since we upgraded to Unity 2.6.

When I save my stereo music as .ogg files, and use WWW.audioClip to play it, the music only plays in mono. I believe this is caused because Unity is now able to play stereo files in 3D, and think the music should be played in 3D as well. Unfortunately when Unity plays a stereo sound in 3D, it blend the left and right channel into one mono signal, causing my music to play mono.

Anybody came accross this problem? How can we tell Unity to DON'T play a stereo file played through WWW.audioClip in 3D?

Many thanks!

Unfortunately, in 2.6 this is not possible. In 3.0, you can set panLevel = 1.0f on the AudioSource to get it to play in stereo (2D).

is there any resolution to this? i'm using www.oggVorbis and experiencing the same thing. the biggest drag about this is that the www class seems to be the only way to import an audio file at runtime... and it is preventing the imported file from being in stereo.

Have you tried to use the AudioImporter class? It's and editor class and the only place I know of that has 3D/force mono settings.

AudioImporter reference