Streamed Web Player build not starting the game until the whole thing is downloaded?

Hi! I just got my own website and have been trying to host Unity games on it. Some of my games are pretty big, so they take a while to load. I saw an option to have the content streamed so that the first level is playable while the rest of the game loads. This doesn’t seem to be working for me, though?

The way I have it set up is that the very first level (number 0 in the build order) is a sort of loading level game that automatically moves to the main menu when the entire rest of the game is loaded. But uploading it to my website and testing it out, it seems to load the entire game before playing the first scene (which immediately cuts to the main menu, since the entire game is loaded).

Am I supposed to do anything else aside from ticking the “streamed” option and making the loading level scene the first in the build order?

I’m using 5.3.6f1, if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Well, besides keeping the first level small, use as few assets as possible in that first scene and not using any Resources folders there’s nothing we can do for you. Streaming has worked for us just fine in the past. Things that need to be loaded with the first scene are:

  • Well, the first scene
  • All resources from all Resources folders
  • All script assemblies (so all your scripts). However scripts are usually small compared to other assets.

Keep in mind that when you switching to the main level right aways in Start or Update, you won’t see anything. Loading a level that hasn’t yet been loaded will effectively pause the game until the level is loaded.