Streaming Assets Path working on Windows but not on Android.

I’ve been working with unityGB as a way to implement my own .gb to make an Android app. I’ve also had many other problems with switching the key inputs to buttons, but that’s already fixed. Is there a way I can get the .gb file displayed on screen for Android? (With Unity Remotes works perfectly, but not the apk by itself.) Also, I think the problem is in the first 10 lines or so.

private IEnumerator LoadRom(string filename)
        string path = ("jar:file://" + Application.streamingAssetsPath + "!/assets" + filename);
        Debug.Log("Loading ROM from " + path + ".");

        if (!File.Exists(path))
            Debug.LogError("File couldn't be found.");
            yield break;

        WWW www = new WWW("jar:file://" + path);
        yield return www;

        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(www.error))
            Debug.LogError("Error during loading the ROM.

" + www.error);

“File.Exists” just makes no sense with the special “jar” URI. That “path” is not a file on the file system. It’s essentially an URI to a resource within the compressed APK / zip file. The only one who can understand that special URI is the WWW class or the UnityWebRequest.

It seems all your introductory text about the Unity Remote / input / unityGB is completely irrelevant to your question title and the actual problem. Also it’s generally more helpful if you go a bit more in detail what is “not working”. In your case it’s pretty obvious, though questions should be explicit about the actual issue.