Streaming textures on Android has minimal resolution after changing material

Hello! We are using Unity 2019.4 and mobile Android project. The textures and models of the game are stored in bundles that are downloaded from the server when you first start the game.

We started using streaming textures (mip-maps), everything works well in the editor. On android, when changing the material on the mesh, the new texture is loaded in the smallest resolution and does not load up to standard resolution. When loading a new mesh with a material, everything works well. When changing material on an already loaded mesh, the new material is displayed in the lowest resolution and does not change.

In the editor, the same actions do not lead to the appearance of this bug. This is only on android. The problem is definitely not in the memory budget, since we are using a limited number of textures, and the memory budget has been increased with a margin. (+ everything works fine in the editor with the same memory budget settings)

Has anyone faced such a problem? Is there any solution?

UPD: fixed by quickly turning on / off a mesh or object immediately after changing the material