StreamReader Results Not Strings?

I'm new to data importing, so I may be missing something obvious, but I'm having trouble checking strings in an imported string array. I'm using StreamReader to import the data just fine, but when I try to check individual strings, I get no hit.

In this example... I know that words[0] is aardvark, but the check doesn't log "hit" instead logs "aardvark".

import System.IO;
var wordFile = "WordList.txt";
var words : String[];

function Start () {

var sr : StreamReader = new StreamReader(Application.dataPath + "/_scripts/" + wordFile);
var fileContents = sr.ReadToEnd();

words = fileContents.Split("

if (words[0] == "aardvark") {
    Debug.Log ("hit");
} else {

for (word in words) {
    if (word == "abet") Debug.Log("hit");



If you did "print(words[0].Length)" then it would probably print "9". Likely your data is using Windows line endings ( ) instead of just . Use Trim to get rid of the extraneous characters.