String typing

Ok, so I have this problem: sometimes in techno games you will have a set of words whose letters are typed one at a time, kind of like a typewriter. I want to replicate this effect in Unity. I am not asking you guys to come up with a script for me, I’m no leech :slight_smile: just a push in the right direction would be nice, thank you!

Put the entire string of text into a string var, presuming it’s not TOO large (64,000 chars I think?) We’ll call it fullString.

Another string var will hold the currently displayed bit of text. Call it currString.

Use another int var for your current string position. We’ll call it cnt.

store last update time in a var, lastUpdate, then use Time to determine if X amount of time has passed since the last change. probably in an Update() function.

each time this triggers, you’ll do something like:

currString = fullString.Substring(0, cnt);

How you display it from here is up to you. In a GUI.text field of some kind, perhaps?