String works when typed out but not as variable

I downloaded an asset to help with twitch integration (the asset is called “twitcher”). During testing I used a call that uses a string to join a channel.


This works and I can join that channel. However, when I try to make it a variable as follows, it doesn’t work.

public void ConnectToTwitchFunc ()
    channelName = channelName.GetComponent<TextMeshProUGUI>().text;

public void ChangeChannel(string channelName)
    Debug.Log(":" + channelName + ":");

I dont understand why it works as a string when I type it manually but doesn’t work when I use a variable.

If you are getting the text from a TMP Input Field then you shouldn’t use the underlying TextMeshProUGUI component as it’s got invisible characters in it.
Reference the TMP_InputField component instead.