Stripper Pole Animation Problem

Imported some pole-dancing animations for a night-club scene as FBX files (converted from BVH files in MotionBuilder), and am having trouble keeping the dancer’s hand fixed to the X and Z position of the pole. The dancer (a Humanoid rig) swings wildly way away from the pole during the dance.

I thought baking the Root Transform positions into the pose would work, and this certainly helps, but the hand still “floats” quite a distance from the correct position during the animation.

It appears that the original BVH motions are correctly centered on the imaginary pole and don’t float, but even if they aren’t, isn’t there a way to force the model to animate around a fixed point in space?

I have no clue how to proceed at this point, and would appreciate any insight. Thanks!

@Eldurin - Since the rig is “humanoid”, you can use Unity’s built-in IK system to constrain hands, feet and head : Unity - Manual: Inverse Kinematics