Struggle to connect 2 bluetooth devices on android

So here’s my problem:

I’m trying to develop an app for android that conects MindWave Mobile from Neurosky (an EEG headset) and Sphero (spherical robot) to the android device. I’m utilizing the NeuroSkyUnityThinkGearPlugins for the MindWave Mobile and the Sphero Unity Plugin for Sphero.

Everything works fine individually but when I add to the DisplayData script the options to connect the Sphero and try on the app, it doesnt connect the MindWave Mobile, only the Sphero device.

In terms of hardware I utilize a Gionee CTRL v4s version 4.4 android that as a bluetooth 4.0, which means in theory it is LE (Low Energy) and can in theory connect multiple bluetooth devices.

So my question is what should I do to connect both of them??

Aditionally if I can connect both of them, I can afterwards make them interact with each other right? That is, use the MindWave Mobile as an input source, the android device gets it and processes it and afterwards sends the output to the Sphero device.

Did you find a solution for this? Im having the same problem but with neurosky and an arduino.