Struggling to make a Dialogue system,Struggling with creating a Dialogue System

Hello, i’m hat, a beginner.

I’m planning to do a RPG, but it’s stupid hard for me to make a dialogue system.
I have tried countless of scripts but i can’t find one that works.

I’m trying to make some sort of Undertale dialogue system.

Any answer would be aprriciated.

Best regards, hat

Have you considered trying one of the assets from the Unity Asset Store? There is a free asset, VIDE Dialogues, which looks as if it might help with what you are trying to accomplish.

While I am sure it will have some learning curve, it looks like it provides a node-based editor for dialogue branching which should help make it easier to create complex dialogues.

Hello there :slight_smile:
If you still need it this might help: Undertale DIALOGUE|CUTSCENE in Unity (Episode 1) - YouTube
,Hello there, old post but this might still help: Undertale DIALOGUE|CUTSCENE in Unity (Episode 1) - YouTube

If you’re looking for a node editor that integrates C# scripting I suggest Speech#