stuck at tetrahedralize probes

Hi everyone, newbie here!

I’ve been trying to load a Unity project and I’ve been stuck at (9/11 tetrahedralize probes | 1 jobs).

It works on my PC but not on my MAC - the exact same project.

When I load it on my Mac the beach ball comes up when it reaches 9/11 and it says application is not responding.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I’ve recently found out that this part of the loading/building process is related to the Baked GI setting. In my project the building process was getting stuck at the same message. To fix it, I’ve simply disabled the Baked GI on all of my scenes, I just disabled it because I wasn’t using it (I think the update from Unity 4 to Unity 5 enables it by default). You can disable the Baked GI at the Lighting window. After I disabled it and cleared the GI Cache folder (You can find the cache folder at Preferences > GI Cache) the building time was greatly reduced and the building didn’t got stuck on that message anymore.

In your case, if you do are using the Baked GI, I suggest to you to disable it on your Windows, find out the GI Cache folder on the Mac, clear it, load the project on Mac and then go through each scene that is suppose to use the Baked GI, enable it and build it manually to see if there are any errors that popup on the console.

I let it sit for about 20 minutes and it did eventually finish and load up. If your memory and cpu are still moving on the process (in this case Unity Editor) in task manager then it’s still doing it’s thing normally (unless it’s completely stuck in a loop) Just leaving this for anyone else who stumbles across this same issue and keeps closing the editor after a few minutes.

Does anyone know how to speed this part up? My project always takes 20m everytime it loads which is a huge time waster. What exactly is Unity doing during this phase? Anyway to skip it?