Stuck on Compiling script


I can’t import assets anymore (with scripts) because Unity hangs on “compiling script”.
I reinstalled Unity, but it’s always the same.

Any help ? How can I reinstall a brand new Unity version ?


I have had this exact same situation on my Mac Book.

When I import the standard Water (Basic) package. Unity will give you the import package window… you click import and then Unity will give you the ‘compiling scripts’ window and sit at 50%… forever.

You will have to force quit the application. Then load Activity Monitor and force quit the ‘mono’ process listed which is using a high amount of CPU. Then next time you load Unity with Alt the key pressed.

There seems no way to load the Water package.

Three years have passed and this issue still happens a lot.

In my case, sometimes I have to force quit the mono process and restart Unity. When that doesn’t help, logging out and in again (on Windows) is the only way to bypass the “compiling scripts” hell.

I remove Unity from my computer. Delete all preferences & files regarding Unity/MonoDev. Reboot and clean the PRAM.
Finally, Unity is working. end of story.

thx for your help

I had a similar, but not exactly the same issue. For any other google searchers, here is what I had/did:

Immediately AFTER compiling scripts, unity would hang for about 20 seconds, without any kind of response, then would come back to normal.
Changes scenes, settings and even code: all no help. But, different projects did NOT have the same issue.
Created a new project. copy the contents of my buggy project’s asset folder into my new project’s asset folder.
Use new project: problem has vanished.

try re importing all assets, under the assets tab

Try restarting your code editor. I use JetBrains Rider, and that did the trick for me.