Stuck on Lerpz Respawn

Ive been through this bit of the tutorial, [respawn], time and again and cannot see what I may be overlooking.

Fact of the matter is that, regardless of what I do, the Lerpz character respawns in the same location time and again! [I have 3 locations set up]

Im NOT a programmer, so I have gone strictly by what has been written in the tutorial - fact is Im a pure designer/producer trying out this 3D engine to get the feel for things. :)



Figured it out... After having gone through this one bit of the tutorial time and again I stumbled upon the solution by accident in test mode.

Apparently if you die you will always respawn, not to the respawn place closest to you, but to the last respawn object you touched. [hence the little noise of accomplishment you hear upon touching a respawn pod.]

So if your in location x, but have only touched location y's respawn point... you will end up at y each time.

Heh, well maybe this will help someone else who comes along - didnt pick up that was the case when going through the material. :)

Peace dAlen

I'm having a different problem at the respawn stage of the tutorial - everything works, BUT now there's this strange series of popping sounds and "slurping the coke at the bottom of the cup with a straw" sound. Going into "play mode" thus far seems to loop this series of popping sounds. That said, the sound of respawning actually sounds correct!

What could be causing the trippy ambient popping noise loop?

you can change the sound or just turn it off, edit the script and look for the audio for that sound... it is editable