Stuck on occlusion baking at 100%

With the release of Unity 4.3 I was unable to complete the occlusion bake process in one scene. It would hang on a full progress bar and canceling the process freezes unity completely.

I could however compile another scene and return to the first screen and now it was able to finnish a occlusion bake there as well.

Everything goes fine, I did pretty much every scene in my game,
and now recompiling a scene in my game gave me this very same issue and worse I am now unable to finnisg occlusion baking in any scene of my game.

I tried exporting a scene to a clean 4.3 install and there is compiles in seconds.
Reported this issue with no response and I am looking if anyone else has this issue and perhaps knows a workaround or a fix.

Found the cause,

The occlusion compiler does not seem to clean up after itself or something, the library/occussion folder was filled with a couple of hundredsthousands (368232) .umbracache files …

Deleted them, and I was amble to bake occlusion again, but I have to clean that folder up every bake.

So, I located this Occlusion folder, and found 420MB of data from previous baking occlusion’s, cause my unity would cRASh whenever I would attempt to do a bake of the occlusion, so reading in this post, I located the occlusion folder and am deleting this .umbracache data.
Hopefully, this will allow me to continue with my baking of the occlusion. The scene does include 16 terrains that are 1000 x 1000, in a 4 x 4 grid concept. If this works, will be making a shortcut on my desktop, that will allow me to delete this cache folder after doing a bake on the occlusion.