Stuck on Unity Personal Edition Splash Screen after I Build the Game

I’ve been working on my project for some time now. It looks great and all. I finally went to test it. I built it and it built fine. Then when I went to play it, the blue Unity splash screen played. Then it never loaded the next scene. It just stayed blue. Help? Please. I don’t know why it is doing this.

Make sure you have added your scenes in the correct order in the build settings.

I found out the problem. Very simple and it made me feel very stupid. My camera in the first level wasn’t active. So, as Meltdown said in the above answer, make sure your scenes are added, but also make sure your camera is there AND active! Hope this helps people with the same issue in the future!

In my case, I had an active camera, the problem was some kind of bug, I just restarted unity and rebuilded the apk. Problem solved.