Stuck when using inheritance(C#)

I am not sure why but I always struggle with figuring this basic scripting piece out. I am trying to use a Parent and Child class to make my code cleaner and easier to read and work with. So I set a base class with Getters and Setters:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class BaseSkill : MonoBehaviour
	//These are the different aspects of a skill
	private string _name;
	private int _maxPoints;
	private int _curPoints;
	private string _description;

	#region Getters and Setters
	public string Name
		get{return _name;}
		set{_name = value;}
	public string MaxPoints
		get{return _maxPoints;}
		set{_maxPoints = value;}
	public string CurPoints
		get{return _curPoints;}
		set{_curPoints = value;}

	public string Description
		get{return _description;}
		set{_description = value;}

And then I inherit from it:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
/// <summary>
/// This script is attached to the multiplayerManager and keeps track of what skills the player has available in a list.
/// Skills are kept track of by a point system. Each player has a certain amount of skill points to spend. If they spend a point
/// in a certain skill they gain the function of that skill. 
/// </summary>
public class PlayerSkills : BaseSkill 
	//Skill points player can spend
	public int skillPoints;
	//List of Player Skills here
	public List<BaseSkill> MySkills = new List<BaseSkill>();
	//Create the first skill
	BaseSkill SwiftFeet = new BaseSkill();
	SwiftFeet.Name = "SwiftFeet";


But… On the line SwiftFeet.Name = “SwiftFeet”; I get this error:

error CS1519: Unexpected symbol `=’ in class, struct, or interface member declaration

What am I doing wrong and how can I set those base variables through my getters and setters for my newly created skill? As you can probably see I am trying to create skills that all have similar attibutes, a name, description, maxPoints, etc. I need to set these variables for each skill and then I want to add these into a list for the player. Thanks in advance.

You can’t assign an instance property outside of a method. Put the line where you set SwiftFeet.Name into the Start() or Awake() method of your script.

Are you sure you want to use Inheritance here?

You are aware that your PlayerSkills now IS a BaseSkill (through inheritance) and also HAS BaseSkills (in the MySkills list)?