Stuck with unity quiz game logic

I am trying to creeate a quiz where the user is shown 8 or 6 Images along side a larger image panel
the objective is for the user to guess the correct rule for sequence and click the box corresponding to the answer.

  1. Currently each game object for the
    image has a renderer attached for
    the image to change when a new
    question is loaded and i have a
    reference to the panel to display a
    larger picture as the question I can
    currently change the buttons and the
    image using values stored from an
    array for each

  2. The bit i am struggling with
    currently is how change the
    question randomly when a correct
    answer is chosen. I currently have
    set up classes with each values to
    change the images of everything to a
    new question but i cannot figure out
    how to loop through these and setup
    a random set of images for the

    example class for a single question:
    private void practice1()

        //Qbtns = sprite renderer array-quesBtn is a list of images

    for the buttons/ or answers
    Qbtns[0].sprite = quesBtn[0];
    Qbtns[1].sprite = quesBtn[1];
    Qbtns[2].sprite = quesBtn[2];
    Qbtns[3].sprite = quesBtn[3];
    Qbtns[4].sprite = quesBtn[4];
    Qbtns[5].sprite = quesBtn[5];
    Qbtns[6].sprite = quesBtn[6];
    Qbtns[7].sprite = quesBtn[7];

        panel.GetComponent<Image>().sprite =



  3. I was thinking something like a
    switch statement to go through these
    but i am stuck with logic of how to
    loop thorugh these

                    case 1:
                    case 2:
                    case 3:

I attempted to make this as clear as possible but i understand its a bit long winded, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read/answer! :smiley:

Hello dino.

If you pretend to find a random element in an array, you will need to use Random.Range()

And then, if pretend to no repeat one element, to recieve always a new one, you should have a “availability array”. I mean, have a boolean array, so each question stores in this array when is used.

So you should have some logic like this:

bool [] QuationsUsed = new bool[number of questions]
int number = random.range

while ( QuationsUsed[number] = true)
number = random.range

At this point, numbner will be only a non-taken question/number. So now, lets use it.

You chose Questions[number] , and set its bool as true to prevent beeig selected again

QuationsUsed [number] = true;

Thats all you need!


thanks for this answer , i will try it out and let you know