Student Licence: Can't install on Mac AND PC? - Unity Pro 5.x - Perpetual, commercial, non-watermarked


I bought this licence :

Unity Pro 5.x - Game Development and Visualization - Student/Faculty Perpetual Commercial - Complete Suite - (Unity 5 Pro with Team License, Android Pro, Windows 8, Blackberry, and iOS Pro - Windows/Mac Download - Perpetual, commercial, non-watermarked)

I would like to export my project on Windows Mobile. So I need a PC.

I have one.

But I can’t use my licence : I have a warning because the licence is already used ! …

What can I do ?

I bought a full and team licence.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Anthony B

Reduced price licenses from Studica have a single activation only. The assumption is that students don’t have the money for multiple computers. The “Important Notes” part of the Studica website says “Good for one activation on one computer”.