Studica Deal Eligibility Unity Pro

Hey, I am currently using unity free and am enjoying the basic features. However I feel I want to expand on my knowledge of coding and game design. I want to use the Studica unity pro deal (the non-commercial watermarked one) but I need to know if I am eligible as I have tried finding this but their website seems to be a bit all over the place in terms of answers. So I currently go to school and I want to use the license at home. It will be a student license and it will not be commercial.

Unity free is great but I want a bit more. I need to know if I am eligible for the deal.


Studica Contact would be the best place to find out your eligibility.

About your situation though, If coding and game design are the things you want to further your knowledge on, then you don’t really need the upgraded features of unity pro. Have you looked at the comparisons between the versions? What features are you specifically looking at that the free version doesn’t have? Many of the Pro features deal with improving visual qualities, which is a bit beyond learning the basics of game designing.

Unless there is something you need to learn from, I would save the money until you are ready to start building commercial products.