stupid, brilliant, been done, or impossible? Can the camera preview window appear in game?

So that little camera preview window you get( if checked in the Gizmos) when you select an additional camera…can that preview somehow be applied in game? Usefulness being that you could create your own real CCTV. set that camera in a hallway or somewhere and have the fiel of view preview appear on a monitor gameobject. kind of like a jumbotron in sports games. I worked on the NFL2K series ( obviously not as a programmer) and their jumbo tron were previous game frames stored in a buffer which may be a possibility if you have pro version and can do movies as textures. or a work around is to have a triggerzone so if the enemy is in that hallway a pre canned movie of them can play on your CCTV monitor ( again, with Pro version) to simulate seeing them real time. But I am asking about the real thing…seeing that 2nd camera preview like you do in the editor actually in game

I’m talking more like a picture in a picture, like as viewed in the editor rather than what it sounds like you’re saying is just changing the camera to a new one. I would like to still have my main camera for my FPS and walk into a security booth ( for instance) where there would be a monitor gameobject in the room that would have the field of view displayed, somehow, on the monitor screen. No clue how and can find nothing in any docs that eve come close to basically taking that preview and allowing you to move it in 3D world to place it where the monitor screen wouldbe. I think the easiest way is to just have the enmy trigger a canned flipbook sequence