Stupid question about original Unity car demo!

Hi people :slight_smile: been away a while and I decided to put my crazy racer game into Unity 5 to make it look pretty :slight_smile: I created it on Unity 3 for android ,and now I want to update it for the Tizen App contest (so i really dont want to use unitys new U5 car vehicle ) and everything almost works fine until my car drops to the ground then it goes bezerk lol ! and whips around like a crazed pitbull on steroids ! ,please can someone tell me there is a really easy solution to this issue ,I read its a wheel collider problem with the new PhysX BUT this is what is messing with my head lol I made the game in 2013 around the Unity Car Tutorial (Unitys own) and I cannot even see any reference to wheel colliders in the car script ? am I missing something lol ? ps If I have to use the Unity 5 Car vehicle ,can anyone tell me why I import it to my game ,turn of my car in the inpector ,the U5 car sits there makes the engine noise but does not respond to Keyboard input please ? (probably another stipid question lol ) PS .Just noticed IF I raise the Mass and the Suspension SPring settings by 100X the car gets less crazed but still goes off by itself lol ,am I on the right track ? see what I did there ? :wink: Last thing lol do android and Tizen even use PhysX ? if not then why can I just not use PhysX for my Port lol ? Sorry for the dumbness I have been away from unity for a couple of years obviously lol …

resurrecting question…It might help others… I have same issue… soln (sort of) is to download latest unity car demo. take some screenshots of car and wheel masses. and the wheel collider script settings. Then go to your own car prefab and copy the same settings across (backup your prefab to another new prefab first)
This seems to sort of work… though it will never behave “exactly” the same again… so if you have high scores already in app store or something for existing game… you are screwed.
If you add more gravity than in the unity demo (as its like driving on the moon gravity) then again… the car will behave all jiggly and weird, but its a starting place at least.