Stupid question about public / private variables

My issue is pretty simple: I've thrown together a rudimentary inventory system, where when EquipItem(InventoryItem) is called in my Inventory.js script, it modifies private variables in a script on the player called PlayerStatus.js.

I don't want the values for these variables accessible from the inspector (because they should be zero unless modified by an equipped item), but I can't modify private variables from another script.

Is there a way to have them be private, but accessible from another script?

Make the variables private, add functions to modify things


private var armor;

function AddArmor(armorModifier : int)
    armor += armorModifier;

function RemoveArmor(armorModifier : int)
    armor -= armorModifier;

Use @HideInInspector:

var myPublicVar = 0;