Stutter/Lag while animating

Hi there,
I have a simple problem, with a not so simple fix (I expect)…

I have a pretty beefy computer, but when I go to edit my animations in Unity, all I get is 4 Fps??? So I cheacked out what my CPU was doing at the time, because it definately can’t be my graphics card, and I watched my CPU go from about 9% to 25%
The model I’m animating is a 63 Bone, low poly Soldier model, with about 15 low poly gun models inside, each with about 10 more objects…

Could it be, that the abundance of objects is causing unity to do some crazy things???
Thank you for your help

That’s weird, anyway, I recommend you to check the stats into the Unity editor, the total of triangles, textures, the size of the screen, the lights and the shadows. (The recommended poly count is around 3000 triangles for the character if you are developing a PC game).

Also you may check your scripts you are running in the scene; maybe you have a infinite loop or something like that.

Finally, check if your antivirus is scanning, it can really slow your pc.

I hope it helps you.

This seemed to be a problem with the Unity version I had used.
Now in Unity 4 this is no longer the case :slight_smile:

Thank you,