stuttering and profiler

hello everyone , i know many developer has stuttering or somekind of hiccups problem in game . i have read many post about it but i have not find any solution for my problem . so i checked my profiler window
but the problem is i dont understand how to fix things using profiler window.

It is clearly visible that your green spikes are higher which represents Rendering and then yellow area which represents V Sync. Try reducing vertices of your 3D objects and use less materials. Also disable Vsync option in your quality settings of game.
Profiler is a color based tools you can observe different colors which represents a specific reason. In this way you can identify the culprit for stuttering.

A quick analysis of the profiling tells me that the problem is not your game, but Gfx.WaitForPresent call which is taking up 17.27 ms (would be more than a frame at 60 FPS), which is about 66% of the time.

Searching for Gfx.WaitForPresent I’ve found this answer: it seems the Nvidia In-Game Overlay is the culprit, and turning it off fixes this problem for many users.

You can also see in the profiler that your scripts ( Update.ScriptRunBehaviourUpdate) and rendering ( Camera.Render) take up less than a ms time each (the percentage is not that important), which confirms that the problem is not with your game, but with the Gfx.WaitForPresent call.

thanks for reply… i have disabled my Vsync option and also delete some of my material but still there is some problem.

finally i found a solution. we should use vector3.lerp to move our camera .if anyone has a stuttering problem ,vector3.lerp may be a best solution . here is the link

and try to understand the example given by unity. It is the best possible example on internet.