Stuttering in simple 2D game using interpolation?

Basically all my movement is stuttering in a very simple 2D game (also if I build the game). It looks as if I have an average framerate of ~10 FPS even though profiler says I have ~1000 FPS.

I do everything according to the “book”: everything that is moving is using a 2D rigidbody with interpolation. I only move objects by changing movement speed (and never move/translate game objects directly). The camera update is in LateUpdate. I’ve turned vsync both off and on without any improvement.

What is even weirder is that this behaviour seems to come at random times. Sometimes when I run the game I have no stutter (like ~1/10 times).

I have a feeling there is something wrong with the interpolation used in Unity.


It sounds like you need your camera to follow in an FixedUpdate() function, check to see if your camera follow script is Update(), if so, change that now and it should work.

Good luck with your project.