Stylized Character pack for Top-down / RTS / Mobile

Hi :)
I'm currently working on a customizable character. I'm aiming for a top-down / mobile / rts level of detail here
In the end I want to make this an asset for the Assetstore but we'll see how it goes :)

I'm currently still in a bit of an exploration phase. Trying to make everyhing work with the least amount of shaders and textures.
Eg for the body I'm using one normalmap atlas and one pattern diffuse which is colorable by sections that I split up in the uvs.
Heads and heads work similarly, just different in the details (eye movement and such)

Here is a video of the eye movement for example. (can't seem to embed it, so this wil have to do for now)

Feedback always appreciated :) I'll try to keep this updated as best I can

some more face variations :)

Started with the rig :)

Managed to have all the stuff in different files and still work well together. That has been a problem I mostly ignored in previous projects but took the time to figure out for this one.
I imagine this could work well for Dialog screen or something :) talking to some npcs

Hey there. If this is RTS models, then perhaps adding RTS camera screenshots would help :) Would love to see how it looks from RTS perspective. Also, posting poly count would help :)