Sub-emitter memory leak?

I’ve been experiencing some really high memory usage and managed to narrow it down to the sub emitters on all my particles, when i turn the sub-emitters off the memory is low and steady, with the sub-emitters it just keeps going up in the thousands and sometime crashes my game or the editor.

Here’s a gif of an empty scene with a basic particle that has a few sub emitters, the gif has been sped up a bit, the memory reaches the thousands quickly then the game crashes.

Is this a known issue, am i doing something wrong?

Without knowing your settings it is hard to analyze it. You should file a bug report with your project and build attached for their technicians to inspect.

They contacted me and confirmed that it’s a bug, so i’ll just ignore the issue until it’s fixed.

Has this been fixed? Pretty sure I’m seeing it now in 2019.