Sub Emitter problems

I’m having some problems getting the sub emitters to work properly…or at all, really. I’ve looked around for information but there isn’t much, and there was a previous post that even said it was just buggy. It it not working at all right now? If it is, is there a step-by-step I can reference?

This is how I usually do it:

  1. Make the “spawner” particle system the parent of the “spawnee” particle system by dragging the spawnee PS under the spawner PS in the Hierarchy view.
  2. In the spawner PS, drag the spawnee PS into the appropriate slot in the Sub Emitters module.
  3. Set the spawnee PS to emission type: distance or burst (not time).

That should work, but if not, I’ve had success by saving and then re-opening Unity.

Just figured it out,
Click on the + symbol next to birth, collision or death.
It will automatically add a new sub emitter particle system that you can tune.