Sublime Text 3 Setup & all you need to make it the best IDE on Mac OS & Windows

Hello @ all,
to me Sublime Text 3 is the best Editor and IDE if you know how to use...
here is how too and some benefits...

Unity3D Wiki -> How to setup...

so that was not enough... because i like better color scheme and better syntax highlighting and finally a better readable source code font...
and i would like to share it with you for better coding ;-)
All files and fonts can be found in my GitHub ...

here is how it looks like...

well it's much easier now to setup Unity3d with Sublime Text with this plugin.
here is the plugin for Unity3d:
You only need to install Mono :
for intellisense autocomplete...

So are we done?
No, but it's just two things left.
1 We need to edit you're bash profile. Open terminal and type open ~/.bash_profile and check if you have the text export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin" in it. If not add it.

2 Type ln -s "/Applications/Sublime" /usr/local/bin/subl in the terminal


thanks for sharing this:)

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hello @buFFalo94

glad you like it :-)
I've just updated the files on GitHub with better icons and some color fixes...
it looks like this now...
it's still my fav editor for everything :-)

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As a fan of Sublime Text and a Unity beginner, I'm very much pleased to see that :) Great work!

Working off ubuntu here. I got everything working except External Tools > External Script Editor > how the hell do i make sublime text show up here?

how can I do this on windows?

Use this:
ssoher/com.sarpersoher.ide.sublimetext: Unity game engine code editor integration for Sublime Text 4 that works just like the officially supported IDEs. (
and you are set!

Many thanks to the developer!