Submitting a plugin with Unity projects to the store

We are trying to submit our first asset to the Asset Store which contains two Unity projects (a project which will be used as a tool and a demo project to be used with the tool).
Since it is not allowed by the Unity Editor to add one Unity projects to the asset folder of another and since uploading an asset can only be done through a Unity Project, the only way we could think of to handle this situation was to zip the two projects and add the zip files to the project created for the asset store.

Unfortunately, the submission was rejected because zip files in the submitted asset are not allowed.

Did anyone else run into this situation or knows how to submit an asset that contains a Unity project?

Many that I’ve seen just merge the two projects into one before upload. It gives the end user some cleanup to do once they install the product, but it’s the simplest solution and makes sure all of the assets stay together. If you keep your folders organized carefully, this might work well.

Other options:

  • Compress the demo project into a unitypackage and include that as a child of the “main” asset. I don’t know if this is officially kosher, but I’ve seen well-known projects doing it.
  • Offer the demo files elsewhere, either in a free asset or from a website.