Submitting an app to the mac app store issues.

I have read through a bunch of forums and explanations on how to submit an application made with unity to the mac app store. I am a Mac Developer. I have been told that the new Xcode makes it much easier, but I am still having issues. I have tried following! but I get lost at the in terminal part. Could someone either give me step by step instructions or at least direct me to instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Build your app for “Intel Mac” only
  2. right click on package and click “show package contents”
  3. download img2icns free program and create your icon and replace UnityPlayer.icns in package. Unity made icon will not be accepted.
  4. edit your info.plist with your information
  5. Open terminal so you can sign and package app
  6. type cd desktop/YOUR FOLDER WHERE APP IS AT
  7. now you need to sign your app
  8. type this at prompt(exactly): codesign -f -v -s “3rd Party Mac Developer Application: YOUR NAME” “YOUR”
  9. hit enter, wait finish, then proceed to package app.
  10. Type this next: productbuild --component “YOUR” “/Applications” --sign “3rd Party Mac Developer Installer: YOUR NAME” “YOUR APP.pkg”
  11. that will package app and then you can upload to mac app store using “application loader” inside xcode. Make sure you go to your developer account and setup a new app first or you will not have option to upload when you use “application loader”

took a while for me to figure this out, hope it helps…