Submitting to Asset Store: there is no "Configure" button !?


I'd like to submit a package to the asset store. I've gone through the submitting guidelines several times, created the folders with my script and images within - exactly like the guidelines told me to do. Well, at least I think so.

When I open up the Package manager I'm able to fill in my Account settings (Developer name/description/images) and that's it. Under "How to create a package" I see "3. Click 'configure' in the list above to setup the package". But there is no Configure button!

I'm using Unity Indie 3.2 on a Win7 box (tried also Unity 3.3 and Mac OS).

Anyone can help?

PS: I added screenshots of my project layout to the corresponding forum thread


This is the solution provided by a friendly Unity staff member:

  1. Make a backup copy of the AssetStore folder. (copy it somewhere on you computer that is not in the unity project folder e.g your desktop)
  2. Then delete the AssetStore folder.
  3. Restart unity
  4. Open the AssetStoreTool
  5. Create the AssetStore folder again.
  6. Verify that a row appears in the AssetStore tool and it has a configure button in it.

Cheers Jake