Subscene gameobject not rendered with the Runtime data scene view mode

After upgrade my project from 2021 to 2022.b16 I have create a new subcene and moved some gameobject on it.
But the gameobjects are not rendered. I have tested with a fresh scene subscene and game object and it's the same.

The issue is related to a regression between the 2022.2.08b and 2022.2.16b

If you haven't, can you file a bug report for us and include a repro project?

Already done: IN-24238
plus a video to reproduce:

Any updates? Seeing this issue in 2022.2.1f1

I am also seeing this issue in 2022.2.7f1 with HDRP

For anyone who runs into issues with subscenes not loading/displaying in builds while using a custom bootstrap, be sure to create the respective world with the WorldFlags.Game flag, like so World clientWorld = new World(ClientWorldName, EDITOR ? WorldFlags.Editor : WorldFlags.Game);.

This solved the issue for me.